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October 29, 2020

Grown-Up Treats Do The Trick On This Extra-Spooky Halloween                      

(SACRAMENTO, CA) Between COVID-19, wildfires, power outages, and a high-stakes presidential election just around the corner, Halloween 2020 will go on record as one of the spookiest ever.

For grown ups, a treat to offset 2020’s tricks is an effective coping strategy, but this year, a personal-size morsel of chocolate just won’t do. A deluxe cannabis-infused chocolate-chip cookie, on the other hand, will satisfy sweet-tooth cravings and take the edge off this season’s stresses with a therapeutic dose of THC.

“Everyone is feeling a sense of overwhelm this year,” says Rey Ortega, founder of Ms. Greenfields, a cannabis edibles brand based in California’s state capital. “Our gourmet cookies offer temporary relief from the worry and anxiety we’re all experiencing, without negative side-effects.”

In California, where cannabis was legalized in 2016, demand has been high for Ms. Greenfields’ all-natural S’mores, Brownie, and Chocolate Chip cookies. “Production has increased to meet demand as we get closer to Halloween,” says Ortega. “Maybe it’s the upcoming election or simply people seeking an alternative to alcohol, but there’s definitely an increase in interest.”

Ortega, who has been producing award-winning cookies and brownies for decades, is known for his vegan baking prowess, and his baked treats—cannabis infused and otherwise—are a favorite among the gluten-free crowd. “There’s nothing scary in my products,” he says. “No animal products, wheat, or GMOs.”

To learn more about Ms. Greenfields, visit www.msgreenfields.com.


Ms. Greenfields 
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