Helpful Tips for Consuming Marijuana Edibles


Edibles are an amazingly convenient way for patients to consume their medical marijuana, but here's a few things to know before you gobble down that whole pot brownie.

A typical "starter" dose for edibles is between 5-10mg of THC. That's enough for most people to start to "feel something" - and for some folks it's actually all they need.

Edibles typically take about 45 minutes to 1.25 hours to start to kick in, though this can easily vary based on the speed of your metabolism, your size/weight, and if you already have food in your stomach. Your tolerance will also have a say in all this too.

Start small, such as with a 5mg dose, which may require cutting your edible into pieces. Wait 45 minutes or an hour (sometimes more, too). If you're not "feeling it" then you can slowly and gradually up your dosage, but it will always take a while to kick it. Take your time. You can always have more.

An edibles high will come on more gradually and often last much longer than a "smoked" high. Expect to be under the influence for 4-8 hours.

Consuming your edible with a "fat" is said to improve THC uptake.
Don't overdo it! Think of it like this (loosely): 5mg of THC is like a having a single drink. Eating a whole 100mg brownie is like drinking a bottle of whiskey. Know your limits! Enjoy!


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