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How do you know how much cannabis is in your edibles? 

Our products are tested by third party, independent licensed laboratories in the state of California for cannabinoid potency, pesticides, microbial activity and heavy metals.  We do extensive testing at every level of the edibles manufacturing process to assure dosage accuracy and safety standards are met.


I’ve never consumed cannabis before. Which of your products do you recommend?

We do not recommend trying cannabis unless you are at least 21 years of age and in a state where consumption is legal – such as California.  Our 2.5mg Watermelon Hard Drops are one of the best products on the market for new customers.  Enjoy their luscious, fruity taste then wait for an hour to see how you feel before having more.


Why should I consume cannabis as an edible? 

Edibles are easy and smoke-free.  No lingering smell, no messy ashes.  You can combine different doses of our edibles to find the perfect amount for you. Our hard drops are especially discreet. You can bring Ms. Greenfields to a boring family gathering to lighten things up…no one will ever know.  Healthier for your lungs, too!



Do Ms. Greenfields edibles need to be refrigerated?

NO.  ALL of our products are shelf stable.  However, please avoid storing them in hot areas as the chocolate chips will melt and have a white discoloration when they cool. This does not affect the quality or taste.


What’s the shelf life of Ms. Greenfields products?

ALL of our edibles have a minimum shelf life of 12 months.  We have eaten our cookies after a year and they were still delicious but not as soft.  While our drops retain their quality for more than a year, we have listed a one-year expiration date. 



Are your products vegan?

We are a vegan-owned company. It’s hard to believe once you taste our cookies but ALL of our products are vegan.  They are also made with all non GMO ingredients.


Do your cookies contain gluten or wheat?

Amazing but true. ALL of our products are gluten-free.


Do you use any artificial ingredients?

We do not use any artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives.


Are your products Indica or Sativa?

We use the highest quality distillate available. It’s a blend of the finest flower which passes the third-party testing for purity.  Most of our customers can’t taste the cannabis in our products. Cheap distillates are less refined and have an aftertaste that you may notice in other products.


Where can I buy Ms. Greenfields Edibles?

Click on the “Where to Buy” link on our navigation page for a list and map. Check back often as we are adding new locations.


Do you ship directly to consumers?

At this point, laws do not permit shipping and we are not currently licensed for delivery.  Please check our “Where to Buy” link for delivery services. 


Do you ship to other states or countries?

At this time, we cannot. Shipping internationally or across state lines is prohibited by US law.


How can I order Ms. Greenfields products to sell in my shop?

Ms. Greenfields products are only sold in California licensed dispensaries.  If you are a licensed retailer, please contact us through our email,  We can put you in touch with the correct sales representative from Shelf-Life Distributing. 


I am a retailer who already carries Ms. Greenfields.  I haven’t heard from my sales rep.  How can I reorder? Please contact us at  or contact our distributor, at or (707) 386-9695 to schedule an appointment with your new sales rep.  We apologize that you have not been previously contacted.


My question isn’t on this list.  How can I get my question answered?

Please contact us at

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